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About the Artist

       I was born on the pacific west coast of B.C. Canada, and raised by two nature loving parents. My siblings and I were lucky enough to grow up experiencing the local wilderness first hand, enjoying many days of camping and hiking. My Mom had us creating all sorts of arts & crafts and it resulted in all of us having an artistic side. Inspired by nature, my path led me to sculpting, sketching, and photographing wildlife at a young age.

  I learned a lot from my Dad who was a self taught wildlife photographer & naturalist. He had a vast knowledge of nature, and birds in particular. He knew the birds by sight & song and taught us what the songs meant, creating a deeper connection to our natural surroundings.  I was captivated and wanted to learn more details of all local wildlife.

  I would spend many hours sitting quietly in the woods or a meadow and eventually the birds and animals would come out and reward me with close encounters that would thrill and fill my soul. I will always be grateful to my parents for providing so many wonderful moments and instilling a deep love of nature.

  Later in life I worked at a wild bird rehabilitation centre helping birds of prey. It was amazing to be up close to these majestic birds. I saw how each individual bird that came to the centre had it's own unique personality. The experience inspired me. One thing led to another and I started sculpting large dioramas for the centre and it led to more large scale sculpting.

  I hope to share these rare glimpses into nature through my art & photography, and spread some inspiration. 


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